Approximately 10 foals are born annually. Through years of selection we breed with a collection of top genetic material. The goal is to breed a healthy jumping horse with athletic ability, prudence and a cooperative character. We realize this through breeding the best bloodlines available from France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In the last decade, Eurobredhorses has bred more than 15 international jumping horses. The most influential is without doubt the dam Colanda (Calando I x Landgraf I). She
brought us six international jumping horses, including the famous Heartbreaker

offspring VDL Groep Zidane N.O.P.

Raising top quality jumpers

Good nutrition and lots of movement in combination with roomy fresh stables ensures that a foal will grow into a healthy sport horse. During the summer months the young horses pass their time in small groups in large, nutrient-rich meadows.

Keeping the young animals in small groups helps them to develop muscles, avoid boredom and build social skills. These horses develop into down-to-earth
animals that are easy to handle. This is an important first step in the training of potential top jumpers.

Upcoming talent

In the accompanying videos you can view horses bred at our facility or purchased by us for raising. All our horses are x-rayed at the age of two.